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Who is it for:  Anyone who loves drawing or yet to discover they love drawing.  Curious minds are especially welcome. 

LOOKLearnDraw  - slow down, focus and notice

LookLEARNDraw - practice with real time feedback

LookLearnDRAW - express and share your story

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About Linda:


I love drawing .

And I love helping others develop (and or bring back) their love for drawing.

My teaching method is focused on the practice of looking. Ie. you will not learn to "copy" but learn to see and translate what you see into an expression unique to you. I teach the visual language of drawing with the understanding that expression is personal.  So while I’m happy to share my personal practice, I also focus on paying special attention to your specific needs and wants, using my in-depth art history knowledge as a reference pool of inspiration, and harnessing the power of discussion and group learning.   My teaching style is to encourage confidence, and with it a questioning and curious mindset.  I have a passion for teaching and get great pleasure from empathising with each student, and their development.   


James, Haywards Heath

Linda is a superb teacher who can always find words of encouragement. 

Linda is a wonderful and skilled tutor, and her positive approach and empathy towards her students, regardless of their abilities, makes drawing with her a real pleasure.  

Helen, East Grinstead

Linda is so kind, calm and patient and she has a genuine passion for teaching.  Linda is really knowledgeable and super supportive – her classes are a joy.

Loulou, Dormansland

I'm so grateful to have found such an inspiring teacher.

Elisabeth, East Grinstead

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