About Linda

I love to paint but not near as much as I love to draw.

Drawing is about being curious and giving yourself the time and space to notice... It's not about how good or bad it looks on the page, nor is it something "pretty" to hang up on a wall.  It's something you do... Its a draw"ING"...  It's never finished. It's never perfect.  It's a process of discovery where by using your senses (specifically sight and touch) you learn more about the world and yourself in it.

I am fascinated with both creativity and personal development and my path has led me to work with a diverse range of people - from professionals to enthusiasts, fine artists and graphic design students to school children.

I have an Honours degree in Fine Arts (University of Stellenbosch), am certified in adult learning development (Masters in HRM) and have various additional coaching certifications.  At Look Learn Draw, my approach is to work with you to help you practise the art of observation and support you to express your unique self.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Open your mind with your eyes

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