About Linda

I am fascinated with both creativity and personal development and my path has led me to work with a diverse range of people - from professionals to enthusiasts, fine artists and graphic design students to school children.  I have an Honours degree in Fine Arts (University of Stellenbosch), am certified in adult learning development (Masters in HRM) and have various additional coaching certifications.

At Look Learn Draw, my approach is to work with you to:

  • learn to look and from that

  • support you to express your unique self.


James, Haywards Heath

Linda is a superb teacher who can always find words of encouragement. 

Elisabeth, East Grinstead

Linda is a wonderful and skilled tutor, and her positive approach and empathy towards her students, regardless of their abilities, makes drawing with her a real pleasure.  

Helen, East Grinstead

Linda is so kind, calm and patient and she has a genuine passion for teaching.  Linda is really knowledgeable and super supportive – her classes are a joy.

Loulou, Dormansland

I'm so grateful to have found such an inspiring teacher.

Examples of my work can be found @somethinglinda

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