About Look Learn Draw

LookLearnDraw - Get out of your head, be present and observe

LookLearnDraw - Gain knowledge, practice and improve your skills with real time feedback

LookLearnDraw - Create and communicate your visual story

Being creative is a lifestyle choice requiring you to be observant of the world around you.  At Look Learn Draw you will learn the art of observation by drawing - drawing skills forming the foundation for whichever medium you keen to master in.

What you get:

Look Learn Draw teaches you to draw by focusing on the practice of “looking”.  

The sessions are ongoing and are available for you to use around your schedule.  You will join a group of like-minded people, but will work on subjects that most interest you, and be tutored according to your individual needs and goals.  Come draw with us and be surprised at what you can achieve and have fun while you learn.

Who is it for:

All levels and ages are welcome at Look Learn Draw - whether you are a master or a complete beginner.  We celebrate diverse perspectives regardless of how good or bad you think you are and we go according to your individual pace and needs.  

Open your mind with your eyes

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