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Having worked as a Leadership and Learning Advisor in the financial industry, I came to the conclusion that effective leadership skills are sensory skills (such as effective listening, looking and speaking) aligned to organisational purpose. Unfortunately whilst we may be familiar with these sensory skills, not many of us are good at it. This is what sets great leaders apart.

Whether we want to sell, influence or manage - the art of observation is intrinsic in building rapport and influence. Whilst some organisations have caught on to the importance of listening many are still focused on content and probably most, if not all, do not consider the art of observation.

I therefore took this as an opportunity to start my own drawing school with the purpose of learning to open one’s mind with one’s eyes.

Why drawing?

The practice of drawing is the practice of observation resulting in an increased awareness of the world and the self within it. The drawing on the paper is the by product.  A lot of adult training is taught or “shown how”. Drawing takes you out of the mind and it’s automated thinking practice into sensory mode. The focus on creating enables the opportunity for raised awareness and create a path for behaviour change. It is in doing that the magic of learning happens.


With the use of drawing exercises, learners are able to learn the following concepts:

Open your eyes and your mind

 - What we think we see are often assumptions and not reality.

Fundamentals of design for storytelling

- Because we do base books by their covers and your capability by your PowerPoint slide

Innovate by searching and not perfecting

  - Inspired by da Vinci, the greatest inventor of all time, we learn the importance of the sketchbook to increase curiosity, generate ideas and help with problem solving


 - Understanding individual purpose within a greater context

Quieten your mind with focus

  - Using drawing to strengthen ability to focus as well as alleviate stress.

Open your mind with your eyes

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