Online Webinars

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Join an online class made of a small group of drawing enthusiasts (all with different backgrounds and levels of experience).  Here you will be supported, motivated and encouraged in the relaxed company of  likeminded people.

Online Sessions

Foundation of Drawing - Absolute Beginners

4x 1 hour Zoom sessions

This series is a translated version of the face to face half day Fundamentals of Drawing workshop.

Over a course of 4 sessions (one a week), we start at the very beginning, taking you through the basic visual "art language" - namely how to see; understand what you are seeing; process what you see; to then translate into mark making.

This one off series serves as a great introduction for absolute beginners and, if you are feeling a bit unconfident, a way to ease you into the general drawing group.   A minimum of 2 people is required (maximum 4) for the session to go ahead and so if you are interested there may be a delay on when we can start.


Drawing (General)

Fridays 10.00 - 11.15am OR 3.00 - 4.15pm 

These sessions are relaxed and encouraging. Weekly projects are given so that the following week, we share our works and discuss our explorations.  Alongside the week's theme, examples of famous artworks and history is shared to enrich your art knowledge. These projects will vary and may be technical or creative thinking generating inclined.  


Portrait Drawing (Live Sitting)

Wednesdays 7-8.15pm

All levels of experience welcome. Join a small group of relaxed drawing enthusiasts as we together draw a live sitter.
There is then 15-20min discussion where we share learnings and encouragement, with feedback / guidance available to those who would like it.  While we may be drawing from a 2D screen, drawing a live sitter versus a photo is useful practice in dealing with subtle shifting light and movement. Volunteer sitters are always very welcome!

Figure Drawing

Thursdays 7-8.15pm

All levels of experience welcome.  Join a small group of relaxed drawing enthusiasts as we, together for an hour, draw from the same image/s (library of nude study life poses).  There is then 15-20min discussion where we share learnings and encouragement, with feedback / guidance available to those who would like it. 

Student (Ages 13-17)

Fridays 5.00 - 6.00pm

This session is dedicated to students aged 13- 17 who would like the space and opportunity to work on ideas that inspire them and or use the time to develop their portfolio for GCSEs and or A Levels.   Expanding on what students like or are working on at school, students work on projects receiving feedback and encouragement. 


Private Tuition

For those subscribed to online sessions, a monthly 45min 1:1 Zoom coaching session is available to those wanting more one-to-one attention and a customised learning plan that particularly addresses weaker areas. 


Payments are made monthly, within the first week of the month and on a month by month basis.

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How do I sign up?

Email your interest to Linda at  I will then send you our Zoom log in details and in advance of the group session set up a 1:1 10-20min free introductory call (at a time convenient for you).  This is just so that I can get to know you and get a sense of want you would like to get out of the sessions.  This is also an opportunity for you to become familiar with me and ask any questions and share concerns.  If you are technology shy, we can also use this call for me to talk you through how to use Zoom.  (I have been told I am really good at making anyone use and understand Zoom!)