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How fear stops you from drawing

People easily confuse lack of confidence with lack of ability. The unconfident, hidden thought of "I am scared to show you what I can or can't do" is often mouthed out as "I can't draw". But these two separate statements are not to be confused or to be used interchangeably. You are able and can draw (be it good or bad) but in order to evolve your drawing - you need to address the lack of confidence.

1. You can draw. If you can hold something that makes marks in your hand, foot or mouth then you can draw. You may not draw the way you would like to yet but, like anything worthwhile, it's just about showing up and practising.

2. You might be scared to show your work and that's ok. A drawing stares back - showing us not what we hope for it to show but where we are currently at. And this can make many of us feel vulnerable. It's one of the scariest and liberating things about drawing. Embrace it. And share it, if you so wish, with those who won't judge but help you to evolve.

So when speaking, be aware of when you confuse "confidence" with "ability" and know they are not the same thing. Confident people may easily show and talk about their work but this does not make them any more able than someone who is perhaps more harder on themselves and may feel less confident. Confidence, like any state of mind, is a choice you use to help or hinder you. And it's almost always the lack of confidence and not the lack of ability that holds us back to the point we dont show our drawings, and or even start drawing. So next time you hold the pencil / brush / pen in your hand, push the lack of confidence aside - embrace your vulnerability, embrace where you are at and make your mark.

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