Sketch Club

Our free online Sketch Club is open to EVERYONE including “I don’t draw’ers”. The idea is to get you noticing your world a bit more and have fun in the process.


How does it work?

Every Monday you will be asked to sketch something from your world.

The exercise is quick (because life can get in the way I only ask for roughly 20min of your time).  There are no right or wrongs as its entirely open to you following your drawing impulses, observations and ideas.

Once you have spent your +-20min sketching (you will have all week to do it by), send a photo of your sketch to me at by midday Sunday (UK time).

Yours and other anonymous sketches will be shared online Monday, along with the new weekly exercise.   And so as the weekly cycle continues, slowly but surely you will have: built a sketchbook, noticed your world a bit more, and been inspired, as well as have inspired other anonymous sketchers.

How do I access it?

  • Subscribe to receive an email every Monday morning showcasing the previous week's drawings and the new theme for the upcoming week or

  • Follow us @looklearndraw on Facebook and or Instagram for Monday afternoon's post showcasing the previous week's drawings and the new week's upcoming exercise.

Why do it?

  • Practice looking and not just seeing. Looking requires focused attention and the act of drawing helps you practice giving undivided attention to what’s in front of you (and specifically in your own personal world).  

  • Bringing sketching into your everyday life helps "being creative" become a lifestyle habit.  It's the powerful learning that comes from the compounding habit of a little bit every week.

  • Sharing and seeing what others do will inspire you as well as inspire others. Works remain anonymous to prevent comparing.  People pleasing is a creative killer and so by remaining anonymous it gives you the space to be vulnerable and with it the freedom to experiment.

What Participants Say

Joshua Jones

It's been great fun, its a lovely little meditative part of my week, and its helped me find time to do more self directed drawing which I love.

Jay Thomas

So love this.  A small window every week to pause, breathe and focus in a new way, on something different each week.  What a gift.

Ann Louise Hagger

It has been wonderful to discover a new interest as an adult, and one that is so rewarding. I have never attempted drawing before as I found the idea quite intimidating, but Sketch Club has helped me overcome this and discover that I do have some creative abilities. There is never any pressure to perform, which has allowed me to experiment and enjoy switching off. 

Elaine Lester

 It is very satisfying to see my work alongside everyone else's submissions. It always amazes me how everyone interprets the brief so differently, often using different mediums.