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Student's stories

Jo figure.png

I decided to have a go at drawing shortly before lockdown, having spent a lifetime of never being able to draw so much as a toffee.  It seemed like a good option to challenge myself with something radically different.  I was terrified by the prospect of making a fool of myself in a class environment and was like a rabbit caught in headlights when I did finally pluck up the courage to book myself in.  I could barely bring myself to put pencil to paper but with Linda's encouragement I got through that first lesson (having drawn a daffodil that I can honestly say I was pretty pleased with) and I have not looked back.


Almost immediately lockdown was imposed on the world but lessons continued online with a great group of supportive and like-minded attendees and I have been astounded by the progress I have made under Linda's very caring and supportive tuition.  I can't thank her enough for her incredibly positive contribution to my progress.  She has encouraged a real diversity of art interest and has never failed to see the best attributes in what I produce.  


I always thought art was 'I like it or I don't like it' but have learned to appreciate  elements of styles that I wouldn't choose to apply to my own style.  The group lessons also allow ideas and thoughts to flow.  I continue to love every second of my journey into this previously unchartered territory.  

Jo, Crowborough

Judith - 16 Jan.JPG

At school (many many years ago) I was no good at art.   I’d often thought that I’d like to try again so when I  saw details of a drawing class for all abilities, even those who thought they couldn’t draw, I decided to have one last try.    


I love the classes which are always fun and relaxing and after a year of Linda’s excellent teaching and encouragement I am able to say that 


Judith, Edenbridge

Susanne drawing portrait

I have taken classes with Linda for the last 14 months. I have had no previous experience. I was somewhat scared to walk into a life drawing class. Linda is a wonderful teacher, she is gentle and encouraging. Soon I felt relaxed and at home during her classes. I have learned so much under her guidance.

I am looking forward to every class, now during covid we meet online. I not only enjoy the process of drawing, but have also noticed a benefit from switching off from the daily worries while drawing. And I am still amazed about the progress I have made. This in turn has motivated and given me the confidence to spend more time drawing on my own outside the class.

We spent an hour drawing together, either figure or portrait, the portrait session is my favourite session. Linda organises a model to sit for us and afterwards we share our drawings. I often spent the rest of the evening working some more on the drawing from a screenshot.

Her one-to-one class gives me more detailed feed back, she has taken photos of all my drawings (since September 2019) and is able to share her computer screen with me while we discuss progress and technique.

Susanne, Ashurstwood

ANNE H.jpg

I joined Linda’s online art class during lockdown just for something to do, but enjoyed it so much,  have continued ever since. 

The title is most apt: I have learned to look at things in a more observant way when drawing. I have learned how to improve my drawing skills, and have learned about different artists and their styles. It has also been very interesting to see the work of the other members of the group and to learn from their experiences, styles  and interpretations of themes we have been given to illustrate.


I never thought of myself as being an artist but it’s a skill that is really being developed and I’m loving it!

Anne, Nutley


I am in my mid 70s having spent a lifetime in the Insurance business and with no previous experience or any art tuition I thought one day I would started Life drawing just for something to do and to meet up with people (remember when you could meeting people?)

I found the whole experience very uplifting and Linda always makes you feel like you are getting somewhere, so whatever you manage to draw there is always something in it that makes it worthwhile and worth coming back for more.


Covid put pay to our face to face sessions so Linda started the webinar on Zoom and I must say these sessions have proved just as rewarding and I try to do as many as I can each week. I now have the confidence to experiment with all sorts of media and subjects.

Remember with art you can't get it wrong and it really really doesn't matter if no one else likes it

Just do it

Allan, Felbridge

James Man On Moon Drawing.png

I have been doing a drawing class with Linda for about a year.  Linda is a superb teacher who can always find words of encouragement.  The lessons have been on Zoom since the first Lockdown and they are really good.  Each week, Linda sets us a carefully planned task and class members have a week to come up with interpretations of the task.  At the following meeting all of our efforts are carefully considered.  Advice, views from the other class members, pointers to ways forward, and heaps of praise are given to every member of the class. 


Over the year I have come to appreciate the other class members and I look forward to seeing how they have interpreted the tasks set.  The lessons are friendly, positive, varied and constructive. I am thrilled with the progress that I am making.

James, Haywards Heath


Linda’s drawing classes are amazing. I haven’t drawn since childhood and was convinced I was someone who just couldn’t draw. But I longed to be able to, and on a friend’s recommendation I very nervously joined Linda’s online class this September.


She is a wonderful and gently encouraging teacher. I’m truly surprised by what I can now do- but even more than that I absolutely love drawing with Linda.

Annie, London

Lindy C.jpg

The sketching group I joined has been wonderful. It has encouraged me to paint again to look at things differently and to enjoy drawing, and what a difference it has made during the horrendous time we’ve had without friends and loved ones this has been a lifesaver for me. I have now started painting again this I would not have done without joining the weekly drawing sessions which have been most stimulating and interesting.

Linda has been most inventive with the subject and items that we are requested to look at and draw and has made me open my eyes, get out my drawing pad and all my pencils again, and lovely to see other artists work too.  Thank you Linda.

Lindy, East Grinstead

Elaine pastel.jpg

Linda's Lockdown Sketch Club Project has been the first thing to motivate me to pick up my old set of pencils that I've had since I was a teenager at school (I am now 51) and start drawing again. 


The simple parameters of the brief each Monday gets me thinking straight away about what I will choose to draw. I find having the deadline and the 30 minute time restriction makes the task much easier under take. It forces me to lock myself in a room with some instrumental music and only concentrate one one thing for half an hour.


I am always pleasantly surprised at what I manage to produce and there is a frisson of excitement to submit it and get some feedback from Linda. It is also very satisfying to see my work alongside everyone else's submissions. It always amazes me how everyone interprets the brief so differently, often using different mediums.


On a personal note I was delighted to be able to share my love of drawing again with my mother before she died unexpectedly in September. 2 months later I had a nasty fall from my bike and broke my right shoulder. I thought this would be an end to my Sketch Club submissions, but a fellow member Ralph encouraged me to do it with my left hand and I was amazed with the results.


So as you can see Linda's Lockdown Sketch Club has meant a great deal to me over the course of 2020. Not only did it give me the feeling of creativity and connection with the outside world, that we all so badly needed in this year of Covid 19, but it provided profound meaning and encouragement to me when I was at my absolute lowest ebb. 

Elaine, London

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