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Life Drawing

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Summer Life Drawing Masterclass

Date:  May - June 2024 (2024 dates TBC)
Place:  Nutley War Memorial Hall, Nutley, TN22 3NE  (Free parking available)

A structured course where, using the life model, you will practice observational drawing.  We will cover:

 - Visual elements (e.g. perspective, tone)

 - Anatomy studies (e.g. gesture, portraiture, hands and feet)

 - Exploration of Personal Expression

These tutored sessions are welcome to anyone interested in drawing.  All levels are welcome (even absolute beginners) as you are coached according to your level and experience.   Also open to those artists who wish to practice and not receive tuition.  Sessions will vary, comprising of short and long poses, and life models will include both male and female figures.

Standing easels and boards will be provided on a "first come first serve basis".  Charcoal and paper will be provided but students are encourage to bring any materials they prefer to practice with and or want to explore.

Let me know if you would like to be notified once dates are confirmed:  

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